CNC Engraving Machine ME 3030

Overview of CNC Engraving Machine ME 3030

ME-3030 is a new CNC Engraving Machine developed for small moulds and metal engraving. The machine has a double column design, imported liner guide and ball screw. It is small, fast, sturdy and accurate. ME-3030 has NC studio controller and It is easy to operate and easy to learn. You can see the simulation before start program. If there is a power failure, or tool breakage, the machine can remember the starting point. The machine gives very low price/performance ratio and can be used broad range of applications.

Applications of CNC Engraving Machine ME 3030


Technical Specifications

Model ME-3030
Outer Dimension(W x L x H) 780 x 950 x 1550 mm
Machining Area 300 x 300 mm
Spindle 2.2 KW (Water Cooled)
Spindle RPM 18000 max
Z Max. Traveling 100 mm
Distance between Bed and Gentry 100 mm
Cutting Tool Diameter Æ3,Æ4,Æ6,Æ8
Repeated Location 0.005 mm
Max Running Speed 7 m/min
Weight 375 Kg
Power Supply AC 320V / 50Hz
Above Specifications are subject to change without prior notice