CNC Engraving Machine ME II 4242

Overview of CNC Engraving Machine ME II 4242

The machine is based upon an upgraded DX-3525 machie, which is one of earliest mould making machines in the market. This is an extremely popular model. To satisfy the needs of market, we increased the precision and the efficiency of this model. This is very sturdy machine with a high quality - price ratio It is equipped with a 1.5 kw spindle and a water coolant and can satisfy the basic mould making requirements. This machine is capable of making electrodes for EDM and steel mould dies.

Applications of Engraving Machine ME II 4242


Technical Specifications

Resolution Millimeter / Pulse 0.0025
Main axle electrical Machinery Watt 1500
Highest main axle electrical Machinery rotational speed Revolutions / Minute 24000
Tool diameter Millimeter Ø3.175   Ø4   Ø6
Highest movement speed (Stepper M/c.) Meter / Minute 3.0
Floor Size ( X, Y ) Millimeter 440 x 540
Biggest Cutting Size ( X, Y, Z ) Millimeter 420 x 420 x 150
External Dimensions ( X, Y, Z ) Millimeter 1050 x 1300 x 1620
Supply Voltage Volt / Hz AC220± 10% 50Hz
Weight Kilogram 650
Power Loss Kilowatt 4.0
Above Specifications are subject to change without prior notice