CNC Plasma Cutting Machine PL 1325

Performance and Features of CNC Plasma Cutting Machine PL 1325

CNC Plasma Cutting machines are widely used for cutting Stainless Steel, Aluminum, Iron, Galvanized sheet, Titanium plate, M.S. plate for signs, architectural components, fabrication units etc.

Plasma Source : Mehta has selected the Hyperthem (U.S.A.) as our preferred plasma source. Hypertherm is the world leader in plasma cutting technology and has proven to be consistent, reliable products for all levels of production demands

Torch Height Controller (THC) : The Torch height control system ensures that the cutting torch stays at the right height from the work piece. THC helps to increase the life of consumable like nozzle and improves cutting quality.

Fume Extraction Bed : Plasma bed is fabricated by metal sheet with specialized water bed system which is helpful to fumes.

Applications of CNC Plasma Cutting Machine PL 1325


Technical Specifications of CNC Plasma Cutting machine

Models PL 1325 - 65A PL 1325 - 100A
Processing Materials Iron, Stainless steel plate, Aluminum, Galvanized sheet, Titanium plate, M.S. plate
Plasma Source CutFire 65i CutFire 100i
Drive system X, Y axis - Rack and Pinion, Z axis - Ball screw
Control System 7" display with high resolution, Industrial ARM7 processor chip, 2 axis controller, Storage capacity - 32MB
Output Power 20 to 65 A 25 to 100 A
Torch Height Controller THC system included for accurate torch height maintenance
Input Voltage 3 Phase 420V AC, 50/60Hz
Repeated Location 0.025 mm
Max. Running Speed 25 m/min
Weight 750 Kg
Power Supply AC380V/50-60Hz
Above specifications are subject to change without prior notice

Type of material Thickness
CutFire 65i CutFire 100i
Cutting Capacity Max. Cutting Capacity Max.
MS 15 mm 20 mm
SS/Aluminum 10 mm 15 mm

Air Inlet 6 bar (189 ipm)
Source operating temperature 10°C to 40°C
Straightness of cut surface The cut surface can be concave or convex