EZ 1325 CNC Router

Performance and Features of EZ 1325 CNC Router

• 25 MM Linear Guidways for high positional accuracy and long life with high motion accuracy
• 6 KW air cooled spindle gives you very stable, trouble-free, maintenance-free performance for long period of time.
• Fast speed and high accuracy ensured by gear transmission equipped on CNC Router.
• High accuracy and heavy workload ensured by imported square rail.
• Periodic lubrication maintenance provided by lubrication system.
• Axis Drive system : X, Y - Rack, Z-Ball Screw
• Working table is covered with rigid PVC sheet for long life of aluminum T slot table.

EZ SERIES Are equipped with latest innovative motors which has highest speed can reach up to more than 30000 mm/min and high speed torque attenuations much less than common open loop stepper motor driver.

It enhanced a lot of output torque and performances of motors, especially reduce a lot of motors heat and vibration during working.

The driver can control the current based on load suit can reduce the heating prolong motor working life.

Optional Items

Vacuum Bed System, Ring type blower, German Becker Pump
Multi Spindle Collector, Dust Collector


CNC Appliactions CNC Appliactions CNC Appliactions
CNC Appliactions CNC Appliactions CNC Appliactions
CNC Appliactions CNC Appliactions CNC Appliactions

Technical specifications

Models EZ-1325 EZ-1530
Outer Dimension 2090 x 3170 x 1800 mm 2290 x 3670 x 1800 mm
Working Area (X, Y, Z) 1300 x 2500 x 200 mm 1500 x 3000 x 200 mm
Spindle 6 KW Air Cooled 6 KW Air Cooled
Spindle Speed 18000 RPM 18000 RPM
Distance Between Bed & Gentry 200 mm 200 mm
Maximum Travelling Speed 25000 mm/min 25000 mm/min
Cutting Tool Diameter Ø3 to Ø16 mm Ø3 to Ø16 mm
Repeated Location 0.025 mm 0.025 mm
Operating System DSP-Hand Held Controller DSP-Hand Held Controller
Driving System Closed Loop Motor Closed Loop Motor
Power Supply AC 420V / 3PH AC 420V / 3PH
Weight 885 Kg. Approx 1080 Kg. Approx
Specification are liable to change without prior notice. Note : AC420V power supply will be applicable for 6 KW spindle.