Laser Jet F Series


Positioning and focus guide indicators to have accurate mark positioning and quality.
Fast import and export file through external USB port.
Support mark file editing during on-fly marking.
Module design, few components, easy to disassemble and move.


Optimized marking path algorithms to fulfill on-the-fly marking with lower laser power.
Optical path integrated design and precise tuning to ensuring the max. effective laser power.
A fan-cooled laser, low-power consumption, long life, maintenance-free.

Applications of Laser Jet F Series

Application Material

Laser jet F Series is suitable for metal and non-metalic materials like ABS,PVC,PES,iron,copper,aluminum,magnesium,coating materials,spray materials,epoxy resin etc.

Application Industries

Application for high-speed packaging line marking, such as cable, pipe, food packaging, beverage packaging, medical, gift, jewellery, hardware tools, mobile components and parts etc.

 Laser EVA TX Applications

Technical Specifications of Laser Jet F Series

Model F-20 F-30 F-50
Power 20W 30W 50W
Laser Wavelength 1064±4
Line Speed Max. 320M/min (Depends on marking content and material)
Marking Features Character Size: 0.3mm - Max. marking scope of lens
Min. line width: 0.1mm
Repeatability: < 20urad
Lens scope: 110*110mm, optional for 70*70mm, 140*140mm, 200*200mm
marking fonts: True Type, single line font, dot matrix font (Support customized font)
Language:English, Japanese, Russian
marking mode:On-the-fly marking (Content,variable speed); Static marking; Precise cable marking (option);
Online swapping file marking; Communication marking (RS-232,TCP/IP)
High-speed scan head
Operation Method 10" inch touch screen display
USB drive to upload or download file
Support encoder, pedal, I/O, photo electronic sensor port
Support ethernet, USB, RS-232 port
Support remote operation
Other Features The interconnection cable length is 2.5M between main enclosure and laser unit
Power supply: 100-240V, 50/60HZ
Environment temperature:5-40 C
Fan cooling
Power Consumption 750 W