Raster Jet Roll To Roll Printers

Raster Jet 3200R Roll To Roll Printer

  • RJ 3200R is High printing speed & High resolution Industrial UV Printer which will meet the speed and quality request of clients. It is equipped with 2-6units Grey Scale micropiezo printheads, 4/6/8 colors high productivity print is available which is to satisfied the clients when clients are with big batch production order.

RJ 1802R LED-UV Inkjet Printer

  • High efficient uv-led technology.
  • Four layers printing, exquisite and vivid color output.
  • International environmental standard UV inks.
  • Odorless, LESS environmental impact.
  • Optional eight-color print mode (CMYKLCLMLK+W)
  • Superior image quality on a wide array of medias with uv ink.