RJ 2512 UV Flatbed Printer

Rasterjet RJ2512 is design and made to meet customer production demand at ultra high precision and high speed. It is equipped with 4-12 grayscale level piezoelectric print heads, Konica 1024 or Ricoh Gen5 as per customer choice. The maximum printing area is around 4ft x 8ft. This Printer can meet the demand of handling materials in large quantity.

Highlight Features

Konica Print Head KM 1024
Print Speed of Konica 1024 (CMYK + 2W)
4 Paas 27 m2/hr
6 Pass 23 m2/hr
8 pass 17 m2/hr
Environmentally Friendly Inkjet
Ink drop size
Print width
8 Level
Gray Scale
Ricoh Print Head GEN5
Print Speed of Ricoh GEN5 (3 Heads)
4 Paas 28 m2/hr
6 Pass 25 m2/hr
8 pass 19 m2/hr
Environmentally Friendly Inkjet
Ink drop size
Print width
8 Level
Gray Scale
Relying on piezoelectric ink-jet technology, the printer has a high precision control of the ink-spraying. Besides, with a maximum resolution of 1440 dpi, the printer is also capable of representing the minutest details of a picture. Even tiny words in 6 point can be clearly printed out with their smooth and sharp edges in this printer.
Lamps are famed for their long life, short exposure times, quick ignition, optimal performance level and unmatched operating reliability.
An intelligent printer carriage collision-shielded system of the printer can spare the risk of a collision between printer carriage and material, which might cause damage to the carriage head.
High density ink offering rich colors and outdoor lifespan up to 5 years.
8 Separate area with flat induced draft, regulate the blowing rate and interval on your own will to which could be suited different breadth of materials
Constant voltage and Constant temperature ink supply,so that flatbed printing is suitable for multiple temperature range.
Automatic media thickness detecting function,integrated print head capping device,media locating pins and automatic print head cleaning unit makes print work easy.
Advanced software functions
1. Rip while printing
2. Print selected area
3. Skip white in X and Y printing directions
4. Auto media sensor for setting print origin automatically(3 picture positions: left, middle and right)
Automatic anti-static design to avoid satellite ink drops flying.
White ink recirculatin results in an effective elimination of ink starvation, and protects print heads from clogging hazard.
When anyone ink barrel color ink is about to run outthis system can point out what color ink you need to add ink.
Adjustable UV lamp power with 3 levels, adjustable UV flash speed .
With the world's top partners, to create the most outstanding quality.


Signage   Interior Decoration & Glass   Glass
Glass   Glass   Leather
Signage   Interior Decoration   Signage

Optimized and tested on

Ridged Media   Flexible Media EFI H650 Media
Foam Core
Corrugated Plastic
Aluminum / Plastic Composite

UV Textiles
Magnatic Graphics

Traditional Markets

Point of Purchase Outdoor Graphics EFI Traditional Market
Display Graphics Banner and Signs
Trade Show Graphics Flat Surface vehicle Graphics
In Store Displays Stage & Theatrical Graphics
Floor Graphics Windows Graphics
Backlit Graphics
EFI Traditional Market

Non Traditional Markets

Interior Graphics
Package Prototyping
White Ink - Print on clear media
Print on Acrylic

EFI Non Traditional Market
EFI Non Traditional Market

Technical Specifications

Model RJ 2512
Print Head Industrial Class Electric Piezo UV Print Head
Resolution Up to 1440 dpi
Colour 4 Colour / Double 4 colour / White or varnish
Max. Material
0 – 120 mm
Drying System UV Mercury Lamp
Air Draft 4 Air draft divisions adapt to the max. working area dimension
Printing Size Maximum Printing Area:
Rigid Material (Width x Depth) : 2680 mm x 1220 mm

Maximum Material Size:
Rigid Material (Width x Depth) : 2700 mm x 1330 mm
Ink UV Curing Ink
Outdoor Life At least 5 years Outdoor / 10 years Indoor
Ink capacity 2.5L drums, automatic ink control, nonstop and ink supply
Ink Supply System Auto Negative Ink Supply
Media Glass, PMMA, Ceramic, Metal, Paper, Wood, Leather, PVC, PP, PE, PTFE….
Control System Windows 2000 workstation / Windows XP/Vista/7 -32 bit RAM ≥6 gb
Printing Speed Upto 56m2/hr (8 Print heads double 4 colour)
RIP Software Photoprint / ColorGATE
Temperature : 18°C ~26°C is more effectively control static and guarantee printed quality

Humidity : 40% - 70% to effectively control static and guarantee printed quality.
Power Supply Max : 6.2 KW; AC,50Hz /60Hz; 220V (±10%) > 15A
Image Format Tiff, Jpeg, EPS
Dimension (L x W x H) 4820 x 2000 x 1500 mm
Package Dimension
(L x W x H)
4980 x 2120 x 1700 mm
Net Weight &
Gross Weight
1300 kg & 1650 kg
Safety Certification Certification
Specifications are liable to change without prior notice.