RJ 600C CIJ Technology

Small Character Ink Jet Printer

Stable, Less Maintenance & Superior Performance

The RJ 600C Continuous Ink Jet Printer is specifically designed to meet high coding and printing requirements across a wide range of substrates. There is almost no limit to the materials and shape of the substrates. It is ideal for single to multiple shift applications, 24-hours uptime. The speed can reach 345 meters per minute with 5*5 dot. The max. print line is 5 for this RJ-600C

Advance Capabilities

1. USA MICROPUMP Gear Pump assures the stability of the Fluid delivery system and high print quality.
2. PRIMA Special Printhead can be adjusted within 360 degree. The standard size of the nozzle plate is 60µm. 40µm/50µm/55µm/65µm is also available
3. Automatic Calibration adjusts jetting parameters automatically to help ensure high quality print.
4. Advanced fluid delivery system resists ink buildup and maximizes uptime, eliminating spills and helping to ensure the correct fluids are recycled so that there is no fluid waste
5. Automatic cleaning of printhead and fluid delivery system during start up and shutdown process. One key intelligent automatic cleaning function.
6. Automatic Alarm system when the ink and solvent is below the warning line.
7. Stainless steel cabinet with satin-finishing can prevent dust and water efficiently. IP 54 protection grade.
8. English interface with English operation manual.
9. Read USB Flash disk to load images.

Food & Beverage: Fruits, Vegetable, Baked Goods, Cereal, Candy, Confectionery, Fish, Seafood, Dairy, Snacks, Frozen Prepared Foods, Oil, condiment. Wine, Mineral Water, Cola, Juice
Cosmetics, Personal and Home Care: Perfume, Shampoo, Face Cream, Soap, Detergent
Pharmacy & dietary supplement: PE Medicine Bottle, Glass Medicine Bottle, Medicine box.
Electronic Industry: USB Interface, Mobile phone cover, Battery, Energy Saving Lamp, Printed circuit board, Nixie tube. Construction Industry: Wood Board, PVC Tube, PVC Slot, PPR Tube, Steel Tube, Aluminum Sheet
Others: Toy, Pet food, Animal Feed, IC Card, Auto part, Paper, Label, Lubricating oil.

Keyboard: Membrane switch with tactile feedback and special function keys. Simple Chinese character, Traditional Chinese Character, English Alphabet, Arabic Numerals, Common Symbol and Custom Logo/ Graphics is available

Display: Bright display with WYSIWYG (What you see is what you get) and function keys for easy operation.

Custom Logo/Graphics: Any kind of Logo and Graphics can be created by individual user on printe

Print Distance: The distance between printhead and substrate can be from 0 mm to 40mm

Fluid Consumption 1. Ink 500ml/Bottle, 10 Bottles/Carton: The color can be Black, Red, Yellow, Green, Blue, UV ink (visible under an ultraviolet light in blacklight). High-adhesive ink can afford 180°C high temperature steaming. Environmental with SGS PFOA and PFOS certificate. 500ML can print 7.2 millioncharacters.
2. Solvent 500ml/Bottle, 10 Bottles/Carton: Environmental with SGS PFOA and PFOS certificate. 500ML can print 28 hours.
3. Cleaning Agent 1L/ Bottle, 12 Bottles/Carton: Cleaning agent is used to clean the printhead during shutdown. Environmental with SGS PFOA and PFOS certificate.
Material of Substrates: Paper, Glass, Plastic, Steel, Aluminum, PE bag, Tin plate
Shape of Substrates: Flat, Round, Uneven, all kinds of shapes are workable.

Applications & Samples


Technical Specifications

Model RJ-600C
Print Direction 360 degree rotating
Line of Print 1-5 lines 32 dotmatrix
Character Height
Print Speed
0.8-15mm (No limit to the character length)
5*5 dot Single line ----345 Meters/Minute
5*7 dot Single line ----247 Meters/ Minute
5*7 dot Double lines ----123 Meters/Minute
5*7 dot Three lines ----82 Meters/Minute
Display 240*128 Bright blue backlit 6" LED display
Font Matrix 5*5/ 5*7/ 7*9/ 8*12/ 10*14/ 14*16/ 16*24
Electrical Requirements 220V 50HZ 200VA
Temperature Range 0℃ to 50℃ (32℉to 122℉)
Humidity Range 10%-90%RH non-condensing
Size L 400 mm * W 297 mm * H 505 mm
Weight 30 Kg
Ink Color Black, White, Red, Yellow, Green, Blue, UV (invisible)
Above Specifications are subject to change without prior notice.