RJ 700T TIJ Technology


High Resolution Printer Developed On HP Print Tech

RJ-700T is high resolution printer with touch screen developed on HP print tech, featured as high resolution and high print speed. It can control 1-4 print heads. It can print variable data including text, batch number, manufacture & expiry date and image, matching with various kind of production lines.

Advance Capabilities

1. Operation interface with 7 inch touch screen make it easier to operate.
2. High system integration, small size, less component and easy to install and maintain.
3. Full metal shell, industrial design and stronger.
4. Take HP original driving board to make print effect higher quality
5. Wireless print head verify tech , more stable and intelligent

Application Market:
Food, beverage, cosmetics, personal care, medicine and buildingmaterial market

Print Content:
Expiry date, batch number, content, logo, barcode and two-dimension barcode

Print Material:
Corrugated paper, coated carton, soft package, hard plastic, paper carton and liquid container

Market Demands:
High quality barcode, which can adapt to harsh environment , accord with law, and lower the package stock

Applications & Samples


Technical Specifications

Model RJ-700T
Print System HP TIJ 2.5
Print height 12.7mm~50.8mm
Max print speed 38 m/min@ 600×600DPI, 76m/min@600×300DPI, 150m/min@300×150DPI
Interface Internet access/USB
Display screen 7 inch touch screen
Print data type Code Text, batch number, manufacture & expiry date, image, database EAN8 EAN13 EAN128 CODE25 CODE39 CODE128 CODE128A CODE128B CODE128C Codebar2width UPC12 PIATS PDF417 PIATSDRUG QRCODE DATAMATRIX
Above Specifications are subject to change without prior notice.