RJ 800H HRC Technology


Simple Operation, Less Maintenance, Powerful Function

The High Resolution printer is a completely new Innovation in both function and appearance. The operation is extremely easy and the user can install all kind of character font freely. The printer can read USB information directly, no need to connect with PC. The new function of flash printing make sure that the printhead will not block within 10 minutes when there is no substract go through. It can print dynamic barcode, dynamic 2-D barcode, Random code, etc.

Advance Features

1. XAAR printhead from UK assure the print quality.
2. One key Start up and shutdown, simple ink cartridge replacement. Sealed ink supply system without any leakage.
3. Low cost, no need of solvent.
4. Can print both dot-matrix font and normal font.
5. Can install all kind of character fonts freely from USB.
6. Environmentally friendly ink, non-toxic, will not pollute the substrates. Suitable for pharmaceutical, food, beverage factory.
7. Can generate dynamic barcode and 2-D barcode, can print random code.
8. Touch screen, powerful function, easy operation.
9. Carton size: 62*45*25CM Weight: 15KG.

Advanced Capabilities
Mobile phone Display screen, Beverage Cap, Food Packages, Pharmaceutical Packages, plastic door/window, Aluminum alloy door/window, Battery, Plastic Sheet, Plastic pipe, Steel Sheet, Printed circuit board, Chip, Woven bag, Egg, Braking Pad, Mobile phone shell, Carton, Motor, Transformer, Plasterboard, External Packages etc

Material of Substrates
Metal, Plastic, Wood, Aluminum foil, Paper, PE bag, Glass etc.

Matching Equipment

Conveyer Belt:
The standard size is L1500mm*H75mm*W30mm, the width of the belt is 20MM. The Conveyer belt specification can be design according to customers' requirements.

Paging Machine:
The paging machine is used to separate the piles of paper, cartons or packaging bags into single piece automatically and send them to the conveyor belt for Ink Jet Printing. It eliminates the inconvenience of manual separating, and makes full use of the advantage of high-speed jet printing, thus improving the work efficiency of jet printing. It can count automatically, or set the number of pages and stop automatically. The specification can be design according to customers' requirements.

Winder for roll packed Pressure sensitive label & paper:
It is suitable for roll packed label or paper. The printing speed can reach 15,000 pcs per hour when it works with our PRIMA P1 Small Character Ink Jet Printer.

Rotating Table for Energy Saving Lamp:
As the shape of the Energy Saving Lamp is round and the Rotating table can help us to print a circle to assure the printing quality. This table can also test the quality of the lamp at the same time.

Applications & Samples


Technical Specifications

Model RJ-800H
Print Resolution 200 DPI
Print Font Dot-Matrix Font ( raster font) and Printing Font (normal font)
Print Graphic All Kind Of Logo and Graphic From PC
Line of Print 1-15 Lines
Character Height 1-18mm (no limit to the character length)
Printhead Single Printhead or Multiple Printhead (can match several printhead can print different color)
Print Direction The Printhead is Rotable in 180 Degree
Print Distance 5mm-10mm between the printhead and substrates
Message Storage Capability 100 pcs of print information and 100 pcs of figures
Line Speed Capability 30 Meters/Minute, the print line will not affect the speed
Ink Color Black, Red, White, Blue, Yellow etc
External Interface USB, Synchronizer, Optical Sensor
Application Environment Temperature: 3-30℃, Humidity: 10%-80% RH
Ink Type Solvent-based Ink( Quick dry) and Oil-based Ink, no solvent
Size 270*220*85 mm / Weight 15KG
Print Stand The height can be changeable from 50-75 CM
Dynamic Serial Number 1-8 Bits
Above Specifications are subject to change without prior notice.