Salient Features

  A wide range of applications solution!

With continuous ink recirculation and robust repairable construction, Dimatix Starfire 1024 print head delivers unparalleled saturation, smooth gradient and vibrant colors.
  GnTek recirculation solution!

GZ Negative pressure recirculation system with Japanese components, peristaltic pumps and degassing modules eliminate gasses and bubbles ensure stable sublimation transfer printing.
  Effective drying system!

Extended heater and thermal drying system treat the printing evenly and efficiently, consume much lower power and have longer running life.
  Industrial stability and high speed!

Robust printer body, precise and stable media delivery system and effective drying system ensure stable and high speed sublimation transfer printing.
  Classic AR taking system!

Classic AR taking system originates from ThunderJet printer, applying the right tension to the media and assuring precise and stable media taking up.
  Reinforced and more precise chassis!

CNC aluminum beam and dual linear guides assure high speed, high resolution printing and long running life. Improved pinch rollers maintain precise and steady media delivery.



Technical Specifications

Model GZX2002SG
Print Head 2 Starfire 1024(10pl)
Ink C.M.Y.K Ink
Ink Supply System GnTek Negative Pressure Recirculation System
Maximum print width 1990mm
Maximum media width 2000mm
Rolled media Media diameter up to 250mm, weight up to 60kgs(optional 2 or 3 inches media core)
Drying system Pre, mid, post and extended heater plus thermal drying system
Printing Speed 600x400dpi 96m2/h
600x600dpi 65m2/h
600x800dpi 50m2/h
Data Interface External: USB3.0; Internal: High-speed optical fiber
Working Environment Temp. 23° C ~29° C, Humidity: 50%~80%
Software Ergosoft GZ Edition...+GZ control console
Power 50Hz/AC, 220V±10% 15A(printer) + 10A (thermal drying system)
Dimension L x W x H (mm): 3400 x 860 x 1470
G.W. / N.W. 715kgs / 575 kgs
Specifications are liable to change without prior notice. All trademarks mentioned are property of their respective owners