GZA 3208GA

➔Dimatix GMA33 Print Head

➔Dual Rolls Feeding System

More precise and durable enhanced body.

Upgraded panasonic A6 servo system.

Negative Pressure Recirculation System.

Smart IR drying system.

Advanced color management software.

Dimatix GMA33 Print Head

GMA33 print head is a compact, durable, full silicon MEMS print head. 5pl dropsize, closed nozzle lines, RediJet in recirculation, high frequency and various drop make it ideal for both high speed and high quality printing.

GZ Variable Dot Technology

GZ Variable Dot Technology delivers flawless skin tone, smoother gradient ,crisp text and intricate detail without losing speed.

Intelligent QT drying system!

Intelligent QT (Quartz Tube) drying system with industrial power switches could synchronously treat the printing evenly and efficiently. Compared with the traditional glass tube IR drying system, it is more strong and durable especially during transportation.

Dual Rolls Feeding System

Dual rolls feeding system doubles the productivity while printing short media. Taking up system with air shaft enables accurate and stable media rewinding.

Robust, Durable And Precise Body

Reinforced CNC aluminum beam and dual linear guides assure high speed, high resolution printing in a long run. *Double linear guides than regular.

Panasonic A6 Servo System

Panasonic A6 servo system has high torque and low vibration, assuring more stable and accurate printing. * Others use regular Chinese brand.

Model GZC 3208GA
Print Head 8 Dimatix GMA33 Print Heads
Technology Piezo Variable Dot (Greyscale)
Ink C.M.Y.K Eco Solvent Ink
Ink Supply System GnTek Negative Pressure System
Printing Width Max. 3200 mm
Media Type Coated PP, Vinyl, Film, Banner
Feeding System Automatic dual rolls media feeding system
Drying System Pre, mid, post and extended heater plus smart IR drier
Printing Speed Draft: 600x600dpi – Low Feather: 85m2/h
Production: 600x600dpi – Medium Feather: 64m2/h
High-res: 600x600dpi – Medium Feather: 48m2/h
Photo: 600x1200dpi – High Feather: 28m2/h
Data Interface External: USB 2.0 ; Internal: High-speed SCSI
Working Environment Temp. 23°C~29°C, Humidity: 50%~80%
Software PhotoPRINT +GZ Control Console
Power 50Hz/AC 200V+10% 13A(printer)+16.73A (IR drier)
Installed / Packdge Size LxWxH (mm) : 4790x 1193 x 1520 / 4930 x 1150 x 1740
G.W. / N.W 1315kgs / 1015kgs
Specifications are liable to change without prior notice. The printing speeds are measured in 3.2m width printing.
Immediate Contact No.
092276 78041, 092276 78044
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