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Extreme speed upto 248 m2 / Hr.

More precise and durable enhanced body.

Upgraded panasonic A6 servo system.

Negative Pressure Recirculation System.

Smart IR drying system.

Advanced color management software.

Optional separate taking up.

Optional gutter for mesh media printing.

Starfire 1024 print heads Revolutionary cleanable print heads with integrated ink loop unit and changable nozzle palte.

Negative pressure system with dual SMC indicators and two groups of ink buffers, ensures smooth and stable supply.

CNC aluminium beam and dual linear guide enable high speed printing and long service life.

Self-developed thermal drying system can dry the printing more efficiently with lower power consumption.

Optional auxiliary taking up unit is capable to collect a roll of printing with maximum 420mm in diameter.

Advanced feeding system supports upto three rolls of media. Adjustable pressure bar is suitable for various types of Media.

Model GZM+ 3204SG GZM+ 3202SG
Print Head 4 Dimatix Starfire 1024 2 Dimatix Starfire 1024
Ink CMYK solvent ink/eco solvent ink
Ink Supply System Negative pressure system with ink recycle system
Media Type Banner, PP, Vinyl, Film….
Feeding System Automatic media feeding and taking up system with pneumatic shaft
Drying System Pre, mid, post, extended heater and self-developed thermal drying system
Printing Speed 300x400dpi 229m2/h
600x400dpi 177m2/h
300x600dpi 164m2/h
600x600dpi 125m2/h
300x800dpi 128m2/h
600x800dpi 97m2/h
300x400dpi 126m2/h
600x400dpi 97m2/h
300x600dpi 87m2/h
600x600dpi 65m2/h
300x800dpi 68m2/h
600x800dpi 51m2/h
Data Interface External : USB2.0+; Internal: High-speed SCSI
Working Environment Temp.23℃~29℃, Humidity:50%~80%
Software Onyx+GZ control console
Power 50Hz/AC,220V+10% 3A(printer)+10A(IR drying system)
Installed/Package Size LxWxH(mm): 4660x960x1250 / 4930x1550x1690
G.W./N.W. 1345kgs / 1115kgs
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