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Laser Marking & Coding Machine


Physical DSP marking card to complete calculation in 1us and 10us real-time positioning, ensuring hi-speed on-fly marking without deformation.
Provide precise lens correction, higher 1D/2D code read rate, more accurate meter count and more precise on-the-fly spacing.
Crossing point does not mark for text, effectively prevent heavy points problem.
Memorize 16 trigger positions, easy to install photoelectric sensor, speed up the line speed, reduce the miss marking opportunity.



Shutter design, more safe, more reliable.

Enhanced anti-EMI ability; stable work in a harsh environment.

Support electricity losing to store the last marking file for job recovery.

LJC-25 LJC-30 LJC-60
Power 30W 60W
Laser Wavelength Co2 10.64µm (Optional 10.2µm / 9.3µm)
Line Speed Max. 320M/min (Depends on marking content and material)
Marking Features Character Size: 0.4mm – Max. marking scope of lens
Min. line width: 0.1mm
Repeatability: <20urad
Lens scope: 110*110mm, optional for 70*70mm, 140*140mm, 200*200mm
Marking fonts: TrueType, single line font, dot matrix font (Support customized font)
Language: English, Japanese, Russian
Marking Mode: On-the-fly marking (Constant, Variable speed); Static marking; Precise cable marking (option); Online swapping file marking; Communication marking (RS-232, TCP/IP)
High-speed scan head
Other Features The interconnection cable length is 2.5M between main enclosure and laser unit
Power supply: 100-240V, 50/60HZ
Environment temperature: 5-40°C
Fan cooling
Power Consumption 750W
Technical parameters are liable to change without prior notice.
Optional 1.2M stand lifter, lifting range: 830-1180mm
1.6M stand lifter, lifting range: 830-1580mm
Horizontal shifter, shifting range: 80-400mm, dimension: 245*170*12mm
Optional Accessories: Encoder, Photo electronic sensor, Googles, USB disk
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Laser Marking & Coding Machine

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