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Laser Marking & Coding Machine


Positioning and focus guide indicators to have accurate mark positioning and quality.
Fast import and export file through external USB port.
Support mark file editing during on-fly marking.

Module design, few components, easy to disassemble and move.

Optimized marking path algorithms to fulfill on-the-fly marking with lower laser power.
Optical path integrated design and precise tuning to ensuring the max. effective laser power.

A fan-cooled laser, low-power consumption, long life, maintenance-free.

Model LJF-20 LJF-30 LJF-50
Power 20W 30W 50W
Laser Wavelength 1064±4
Line Speed Max. 320M/min (Depends on marking content and material)
Marking Features Character Size: 0.3mm – Max. marking scope of lens
Min. line width: 0.05mm
Repeatability: <20urad
Lens scope: 110*110mm, optional for 70*70mm, 140*140mm, 200*200mm
Marking fonts: TrueType, single line font, dot matrix font (Support customized font)
Language: English, Japanese, Russian
Marking Mode: On-the-fly marking (Constant, Variable speed); Static marking; Precise cable marking (option); Online swapping file marking; Communication marking (RS-232, TCP/IP)
High-speed scan head
Operation Method 10” inch touch screen display
USB drive to upload or download file
Support encoder, pedal, I/O, photoelectronic sensor port
Support ethernet, USB, RS-232 port
Support remote operation
Other Features The interconnection cable length is 2.5M between main enclosure and laser unit
Power supply: 100-240V, 50/60HZ
Environment temperature: 5-40°C
Fan cooling
Power Consumption 750W
Technical parameters are liable to change without prior notice.
Immediate Contact No.
092279 85746, 092276 78044
Laser Marking & Coding Machine

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