EVA 43

Pass Through Design for long length of work piece in Y-axis direction.
Machine is Provided with Foot-mounting legs so that there is no vibration in machine can be adjusted on zero level.
As it is made in india No waiting period for spare parts & quick service support.
Machine is provided with heavy duty compressor which has Air-assist combining adjustable focus systems in coaxial jet air to prevent cutting edge from burning down.
Laser cut software with window based software enhance cutting speed & angle / curve performance.
Laser seals the edges of fabric while cutting.
Maximum cutting thickness of arcylic – 25mm.
High quality of chiller unit for better performance and long life of laser tube.
X,Y Cutting Area2’ ft. x 1.5’ ft.3’ ft. x 2’ ft.4’ ft. x 3’ ft.4’ ft. x 4’ ft.4’ ft. x 8’ ft.5’ ft. x 10’ ft.
Laser Power60W80W / 100W80W / 100W / 130W100W / 130W / 150W80W / 100W / 130W / 150W100W / 130W / 150W
Laser SourceSealed Glass Co2 Laser Tube
Travelling Speed600 mm/s
Reposition Accuracy0.02 mm
Minimum Letter Size1.0 mm (English Font)
X Y Movement SystemBelt Transmission
Z – Axis MovementAutomatic Up to 180 mm (optional)
Power Adjustment1 to 100 %
Driving SystemStepper Motor/servo motor
Operating SystemWin 7/8/10, 32/64 bit
Computer InterfaceUdisk, USB, Ethernet
Supported FormatPLT, DXF, BMP, JPG, AI, DWG, BMP, GIF, HPGL
Compatible SoftwareCorelDRAW, AUTOCAD, Photoshop, Tajima
Working VoltageSingle Phase 220-230V / 50Hz-60Hz, 20A Max.
Operating Environment45°C, Humidity 5% – 80%
Memory Buffer128 MB
Fume Extraction SystemExternal exhaust system with minimum flow rate 1200m3/h (CFM 706 ft3/h). Connection output 4″ Diameter
Overall Dimension (L x W x H)1010 x 490 x 1030 mm1170 x 1530 x 1000 mm1450 x 1780 x 1070 mm1770 x 1830 x 1070 mm3440 x 2172 x 1030 mm4050 x 2500 x 1030 mm
Weight190 Kg243 Kg332 Kg380 Kg860 Kg680 Kg
Power Consumption1.2 KW2 KW2 KW3.5 KW3.5 KW4.3 KW
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