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Fiber Laser Welding Machine

Fiber Laser Welding Machine

  1. Laser Welding Function
  2. a) Spot and Seam Welding

    Fiber Laser Welding Machine is capable of doing Spot and Seam Welding Which is Very Convenient and make it all-in-one machine.

    b) Uniform Weld Spot

    The Spot Energy Distribution of Fiber Laser Welding Machine is Uniform and it Has The Best Spot Needed for Welding Characteristics.

    c) Suitable for all Kinds of Weld Seams

    Fiber Laser Welding Machine Adapts to All Kinds of Complex Welds, Spot Welding on Various Devices and Welding Seams of Thin Plates Within 1mm. It Has Fast Welding Speed, Large Depth and Small Deformation.

  3. Laser Cutting Function
  4. Hand-held Laser Cutting Machine is very easy to use in cutting function like traditional function cutting. it can cut in any shape and cut M.S., S.S., and Aluminum upto 2 to 4 mm.

  5. Laser Cleaning Function
  6. Fiber Laser Cleaning Function Is use to Remove Paint, Rust, Oil Content from the Surface of Metals, It can be used for pre and post weld cleaning. It is applicable in ship building industry, Auto Parts, Rubber Molds, Tire Molds, Tracks, Environmental Protection and other industries.

ModelGalaxy 1500Galaxy 2000Galaxy 3000
Laser Power1500W2000W3000W
Wavelength1080±5 nm
Laser Frequency50Hz-5KHz
Adjustable Power Range10-100%
Power Consumption10 KW14 KW16 KW
Cooling MethodWater Chiller (Inside)
Weight95KG (1.5KW & 2KW) & 160KG (3KW)
Laser SourceRaycus
Welding HeadWobble Welding Gun with Feeder
Specifications are liable to change without prior notice.
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072290 93988 / 092276 78044
Fiber Laser Welding Machines

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