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Fiber Laser Metal Cutting Machine


High quality rack & pinio , LM guid , gear box
Machine Frame and worktable adoptsintegrated welding made as standard large machine after stress relief annealing, machining on plano miller and then the vibration aging treatment. These sequence of processing of frames makes it high strength, high precision and keep the normal use of 20 years without deformation.
X and Y axis equipped with A.C servo motors and aluminum casted cross beam gives high precision, high speed, big torque, big inertia, performance stability and durabilit y, guarantee the high speed and ac celeration of the whole machine.
Suit for QBH/OD connector.
Enjoy high speed of auto focusing via collimation with servo motor.
Strict dust-proof design with three protection windows.
The same laser can be used to introduce rips, abrasions and other effects, according to the latest fashion.
All optics temperature monitor; air leakage monitor, protection window in place monitor.
Real-time feedbacks of processing states will be uploaded to mobile APP as well as PC, and alarm can be released immediately.
Processing states can be shared on Wechat, QQ, OS-CUTTING.
Model GLORIA TX- L3 / L6
Tube Length 3 / 6 Meter
Laser Source 1000 / 2000 / 3000W
Laser Type IPG / Raycus
Laser Wavelength 1080 nm
Cutting Head Raytools Autofocus Head
Position Accuracy <= 0.04 mm
Minimum Line Width < 0.12 mm
Cooling System Water Cooling
Drives & Control AC Servo Motor
Working Voltage AC 420V
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