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Saving of expensive metal sheet materials and saving of total cutting time is most important to increase the productivity and profitability. Trooper nesting and cutting software is the right answer to your this requirement. Trooper software will increase your programming efficiency, material utilization, cutting productivity dramatically.

Plasma :-
CNC controlled data communication to plasma power source thus cutting data are sent directly from the CNC controller to the plasma system (database)
Arc voltage height control with data connection and automatic communication

Model PL 2040 PL 3070 PL 30120 PL 40140
Working Area 2000 mm x 4000 mm 3000 mm X 7000 mm 3000 mm X 12000 mm 4000 mm X 14000 mm
Processing Material Mild Steel, Stainless Steel, Aluminium, Galvanize
Plasma Source Hypertherm 45amp / 65amp / 85amp / 105amp / 125amp / 200amp / 300amp / 400amp / 800amp
Motor and Drive System AC Servo Motor (Japan) With Gear Box
Control System 7″ display with high resolution, Industrial ARM7 processor chip, 2 axis controller, Storage capacity – 32MB
Transmission X, Y axis – Rack and Pinion, Z axis – Ball screw
Nesting Software (optional) Trooper 2d Cutting
Maximum Traveling Speed 100 To 10,000 Mm/min
Torch Height Controller Thc System Included For Accurate Torch Height Control With Anti- Collision
Air System Clean, Dry & Oil Free
Air Inlet 6 Bar (189 Ipm)
Input Voltage For Plasma Machine 1 Phase, 230v, 50hz
Input Voltage For Plasma Source 3 Phase, 420v Ac, 50/60 Hz
OxyFuel Attachment No
*Specification are liable to change without prior notice.