UV Laser Marking Machine (EVAN – UV Series)

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Marking on all non metal materials
High quality marking on some non metals like PVC, Paper ABS, etc…
Bar code / Data Matrix Marking
Serial Number Marking
Bitmap (Graphics) marking
High quality gray scale marking.
Long using time : the average using time more than 100000 hours.
Good stability and free maintenance: No need to maintenance for laser advice.
Stable performance, small size, low power consumption.
The operating system is flexible and convenient.
High speed marking (MHz repetition rate).
First and last pulse equally useable.
High repeatability/stability design.
Status monitoring and safe shut down.
Excellent beam quality, high stability output easy to debug the marking effect.
High electro-optical conversion efficiency, long useful period.
Model EVAN UV3
Laser Power 3W 5W
Wavelength 355nm
Min.character 0.15 mm
Repeat precision ±0.001 mm
Beam quality (M2) <1.2
Modulating frequency 20-200 KHZ
Marking scope 100×100/150×150/200×200 mm (Optional)
Marking speed (mm/s)
Cooling way Water cooling / Air Cooling
Power system 220V±5%/20Hz/5A
Power requirements <500 / <600
Parameters are different from marking materials and marking depth; our products continue to update, the specific configurations are subject to the newest quotation.