UV Laser Marking Machine (EVAN – UV Series)

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Stable performance, small size, low power consumption.

Excellent beam quality, high stability output easy to debug the marking effect.

High electro-optical conversion effciency, long useful period.

The operating system is flexible and convenient.

➔   First and last pulse equally useable.
Model EVAN UV3
Laser Power 3W 5W
Wavelength 355nm
Min.character 0.15 mm
Repeat precision ±0.001 mm
Beam quality (M2) <1.2
Modulating frequency 20-200 KHZ
Marking scope 100×100/150×150/200×200 mm (Optional)
Marking speed (mm/s)
Cooling way Water cooling / Air Cooling
Power system 220V±5%/20Hz/5A
Power requirements <500 / <600
Parameters are different from marking materials and marking depth; our products continue to update, the specific configurations are subject to the newest quotation.